I did it – I finally gave birth to my online identity!

Why have I launched my own website NOW, after nearly seven years of being a journalist?

Well, it took me a little time (a long while, really) to process in my busy reporter brain just how important it is to exist in both the physical and online world.

And, it’s like really hard building your own website, dude!

Luckily for me, no person (even in the most remote corners of the world) would have the same full name as me – so the domain URL is ALL MINE!  sarwatnasir.com – share and spread. Let the other Sarwat Nasir’s know that it’s too late for them.

So, what can you expect from my blogs? Everything and anything. Be prepared. I am usually all over Dubai, covering news and reporting live for UAE’s oldest and leading English-daily newspaper.

Check out my journalism work to see some of the cool stuff I’ve covered.

Hope you visit again 🙂


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