Yes,  I’ve just turned 26 and there’s still four years to go, but, I CAN’T WAIT TO BE 30.

  1. My twenties seem to be just a preparation to the actual start of my life… (I hope so, at least!)

partying too much

   2. I’ve already experienced being MAD BROKE and partying too much.  It’s time to start saving, then investing!

being broke

3.  I’ve learned that TIME IS MONEY and to use it wisely – you can’t spend hours binge-watching Netflix!

time is money


4. As I get older, I realize I’m becoming nicer and more patient. Different experiences have made me wiser!



5. I feel secure, I know who I am, what I want and I don’t care what anyone thinks! I’m probably going to reach epicness at its peak when I’m 30!