Visa Refusals: An Open Love Letter (Rated 18+)

Dear Planet Earth,

I am severely frustrated. Not with you, but, with the ***holes that continue to claim ownership of the beautiful parts of you. Like many other humans that inhabit you, I would also like to discover the entirety of you. This has proven to be nearly impossible these days, all thanks to the scars (dubbed cleverly as ‘borders’ by those same ***holes) you have been punished with since the existence of mankind.

See, I tried visiting another beautiful side of you last week, but, I was denied entry for reasons I don’t understand. Apparently, many other of your admirers have also been unable to get to know you fully. I am starting to think you only care about humans that represent a “more important” side of you as they get to explore you wholly whenever and wherever they like. Does that make you feel good? Well, I feel jealous.

But, I know it’s not your fault – you didn’t ask for these scars. There’s a strange orange-colored human who says he wants to deepen your scars to prevent anyone from getting to know that gorgeous part of you. I genuinely think he’s no good for you – he seems controlling and possessive. He controls a significant side of you and refused to let me in last year. I’m sorry I couldn’t come see you then. You have so many others like me over there, so, I bet you didn’t even miss me.

I tried to visit orange man’s so-called friendly neighbor last week (labeled as Canada by humans), but, he also didn’t let me in (shockingly). Are all of your lovers this possessive? You must really be in demand!

I promise I wasn’t trying to go there to damage you further, I just wanted to get to know you better, but, I didn’t get a chance. In fact, I was going to return and write great things about you.

I’m well aware that you were in this universe before humans, so why have you let them walk all over you? It seems like a toxic relationship. They’ve treated you like trash.

I hope you give me a chance to get to know all of you. I want you to let me in and let me explore you to your core. You’re beautiful and you deserve someone like me. Please stop getting controlled by those ***holes as they’re separating me from you.

Forever yours,

Sarwat Nasir

Lover of Planet Earth, journalist and wannabe travel blogger


  1. Oh my, so beautiful writing. Seriously mother earth has been lured and is possessed and narcissistically possessed and controlled by some like that orange man, it’s a really toxic thing to behold.I hope one day you will visit our own side and still write beautiful things

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