OK, hold your gasp of dismay that you may be having over this blog title. I like Thanksgiving, but, I don’t like how it is celebrated in countries that don’t really consider it as a national holiday.

A lot of companies have commercialized the day and people don’t really understand the history and meaning behind what Thanksgiving really is.

In Dubai (where I live), for example, restaurants advertise “special Thanksgiving meals” for a price that is outrageous – some nearly $150 per person!!

Most events that are held to celebrate the day comes with a hefty price tag. I found only one event that was for free – a yoga session being organized by an instructor.

Maybe some families who do celebrate Thanksgiving have a tradition of eating out fancy during this time of the year, but I believe (and don’t shoot me, please!) they are just one out of millions of consumers being brainwashed by large corporations.

Why can’t we keep it simple? When I lived in the United States, I remember being invited over for homemade meals.  Even when we had Thanksgiving dinner in my high school, the staff had prepared the meals from their own kitchen.

And doesn’t homemade food tastes like 10 times better than what restaurants serve?

So, if you have any ideas of how Thanksgiving can be made more personal, affordable but special, please do comment. I need ideas!