Sarwat Nasir

Journalist/Blogger in Dubai


Sarwat Nasir, journalist


My name is Sarwat Nasir and I am a Dubai-based journalist with more than 7 years of experience in the print and broadcast industry.

I cover mostly space-related and education stories, but, you might also have seen me interviewing Sophia, the humanoid citizen, a few times! 

My days are usually unpredictable as I could be interviewing astronauts from NASA and UAE space leaders in the morning, rush down to an education conference by the afternoon and join government leaders for a formal dinner meeting by evening.

Space is a booming industry around the world and is a topic that I personally enjoy covering and writing about.  I have broken some major stories relating to the UAE’s space sector, including the launch date of the first UAE astronaut, its many satellite launches and its Mars programme.

I started covering space stories at the age of 21 when I was first hired as an intern by a daily tabloid in Dubai, called 7DAYS. Now as the Senior Correspondent at Khaleej Times – the oldest English-daily newspaper in the UAE – I continue to cover this beat, among others.

However, my reporting isn’t limited to just space. Some of my other career highs include my reporting on the plight of Syrian refugees in the UAE’s education sector and helping them secure free schooling and my interview with the world’s first humanoid citizen (Sophia). These are some of my many stories that have been picked up by major international press – BBC, NY Post, Huffington post, The James Cordon Show, MTV, Comedy Central, Daily Mail and Fox News to name a few.

When I am not busy chasing a story, I am usually traveling and filming interesting locations around the world, reading a book, vlogging and doing photography.