I produced my first viral video at the age of 23, where I carried out a social experiment on a make-up artist who could transform herself to look like Zayn Malik. The video went viral overnight and was picked up my some major international press, including the Daily Mail, Comedy Central, The New York Post, Huffington Post, among others.

It wasn’t long after my first viral video that I started becoming more passionate towards producing videos.

Another one of my most memorable viral videos was one of me interviewing the world’s first humanoid citizen, Sophia. This one, again, was picked up by media worldwide and even appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

TikTok has really helped with producing viral videos. On my personal account, some videos crossed 200,000 views.

Scroll down to view some of my favourite viral videos and other multimedia I have produced.

I carried out a social experiment for the newspaper I worked for at the time and produced this video. I organised bodyguards, received filming permission from the mall and shot reactions as she walked around in public. It was epic and went viral in less than five hours!

I have interviewed, probably, thousands of humans in my career as a journalist, however, this was my first time interviewing a robot. This isn’t just any robot – she is Sophia, the world’s first humanoid citizen. It’s another viral one and is currently all over the internet! 

As a journalist, I’m supposed to keep my emotions completely away while doing my job. Though, I must admit I got a bit teary while filming this one. The tragic experiences and hurdles this family has faced is heartbreaking. Their reunion, however, was heartwarming.

Many Syrian families arrived to the UAE, however, a lot of them did not have access to schools. After I reported several stories highlighting their plight, a Dubai school called me and offered to give them free education until they graduate.